About me

Last update of this page: Aug 2019.

  • Currently I’m a software engineer at Vincit. I’m very happy.
  • 2018 was super nice. I lectured Web Software Development @ TUT twice and used rest of my time working on new features for the A+ e-learning system and its sibling systems, a brand new peer-review tool that hooks into A+, and transferring some of our courses into the platform. 2018 was the last year of my employment at TUT.
  • I have had a one-man company ( as a sidejob/hobby) where I fix computers & make websites and give private classes of math.
  • I have been working at our department since summer 2015. The list of courses that I have been involved with has grown rather nice. Full listing with a tad more details over at https://www.cs.tut.fi/~heinop/
    • Identity and Access Management (project work, exercise sessions)
    • Introduction to Programming (teaching a summer course, head teatching assistant etc.)
    • Programming Techniques (project work, exercise sessions)
    • Operating Systems (exercises sessions)
    • Concurrency (project work)
  • I am highly passionate and obsessive about the subjects I’m interested in.
  • I am highly interested in computers (or to use the slightly nicer yet colder word: ATK).
  • My main interests in computing include distributed systems, microservices, virtualization, SRE (to use the Googley term) etc.
  • Two cats.
  • Manowar >40 times, 12 countries.

Some projects: Unisafka.fi, Nyssetutka.fi, TabJump, CCGraph

This is sorta silly but I really like this thought: I attended a Docker party at Futurice and, against all that is me, grabbed a sticker. The sticker is blunt. It says “Love the problem, not the solution”. My partner asked me what the heck it was, the sticker, when she found it. I promptly answered “It’s my mark”. Silly, I told you so, but it fits rather well. I really like to talk about problems in different areas of computing, how they could be solved, and what the tradeoffs would be in this and that outcome.