John Carmack Tech Talk with UMKC-SCE (this is one of the best engineering talks I’ve eveer seen, Mr Carmack is an outstanding genius)
Maybe Not – Rich Hickey
The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture • Martin Fowler
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love atomic Banking Blunders and Concurrency Challenges
CMU Database Systems, complete video lecture series by Andy Pavlo
CMU Advanced Database Systems, complete video lectures series by Andy Pavlo
Peloton: The Self-Driving Database Management System by Andy Pavlo | DataEngConf NYC ’16
Frank Abagnale: “Catch Me If You Can” | Talks at Google
SQLite: The Database at the Edge of the Network with Dr. Richard Hipp
Raymond Hettinger Modern Python Dictionaries A confluence of a dozen great ideas PyCon 2017
Scaling Mercurial at Facebook: Insights from the Other Side – Git Merge 2017
The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds
Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git
James Bennett – A Bit about Bytes: Understanding Python Bytecode – PyCon 2018
GDC 2018: John McDonald (Valve) – Using Deep Learning to Combat Cheating in CSGO (watch this, serious tech!)
Building on an unsafe foundation — Jason Orendorff
Building a low-latency WAF inside NGINX using Lua: John Graham-Cumming @nginxconf 2014 (super interesting… what you can achieve with Lua at veeery big scale)
The Hurricane’s Butterfly: Debugging Pathologically Performing Systems
CppCon 2018: Matt Godbolt “The Bits Between the Bits: How We Get to main()”
John Hughes – The Mysteries of Dropbox (Lambda Days 2016) (very interesting testing… a property-based model is built for testing Dropbox clients, then the model is iterated and corrected, and finally bugs are found using randomly generated tests)
Guarding Against Physical Attacks: The Xbox One Story — Tony Chen, Microsoft
RustLatam 2019 – Without Boats: Zero-Cost Async IO
David Beazley – Python Concurrency From the Ground Up: LIVE! – PyCon 2015
8LU Keynote w/ Hillel Wayne: Are we *really* engineers?